Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dining-In: A Debt Defeater

A friend of mine is in town for the week and called me up to see what I was up to.  We know each other from graduate school and he happens to have grown up in the area I now live, so we've met up a few times since I've moved here.  Typically our evenings involving going out to a local bar here, so the expenditures look like this:

His Drinks + Tax + Tip:  $12-$18
My Drinks + Tax + Tip:  $12-$18

Total:  $24-$36

I spend most of it on this (mmmmm):

Now granted, this is not so bad, and we have a good time while we're there.  As I'm trying to defeat this debt, I had a different though:  dining-in as a debt defeater.  If you've read my blog you'll realize that this is something I've done before in fact.  Now what do the costs look like?

I Buy & Make Food:  Under $5
He Buys Beer:            About $7

Total:   $12

Not only is this half the minimum price we would have paid, but the benefits are astounding.  We don't just get two drinks each, instead we get:

A six pack of beer
A meal for two
Leftovers for afterward

More importantly, I know what's going in my food because I made it.  None of that hocus pocus crap that's in whatever you get when you eat out.  I'm really looking forward to dinner tonight!

Today's Debt Defeating Accomplishments:

  • Saving $$ on beer and food!

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