Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Budget, and a Failure

Today I finalized my September 2012 budget.  I think things will work out, and in fact I can see myself being under budget overall.  The stats look something like this:

Rent + Utilities -          805
Food + Restaurants -   325
Phone Bill  -                100
Transportation -             40
Toiletries/Supplies -       40
Birthday -                      80
Friend's Visit -               90
Phone Replacement -   130
Netflix -                          9

Total                            1629

This is pretty good.  I believe I won't end up spending that much at all on food & restaurants.  My phone screen cracked and I have insurance on it, so that explains the phone replacement charge.  It's interesting to note that my phone bill is so high.  I should re-consider my phone situation after my contract has ended.

In other news, I failed at one of my goals, which was not to buy alcohol at a bar for September (I know, and it's so early!!)  I went to a fun Improv jam in town, and had two beers.  I justified this because the cost of a beer was the cost of a coke, which was the cheapest beverage on the menu anyway.

Today's Debt Defeating Accomplishments:

  • Completing September's budget
  • Shipping amazon book, hence earning profit

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